About Us

Capturing Compersion is run by husband and wife team; Amanda and Christopher Adams.

The bulk of photography and editing is done by Amanda. She has over a decade of work on both sides of the lens. Her years of experience in glamour, boudoir, and art nude modeling present a helpful advantage over other photographers in West Michigan as she can easily capture angles that they may not think of. She is always delighted to guide clients through the entire process by procuring useful links to online resources, helping shop for lingerie, demonstrating posing techniques, and providing positive constructive feedback and encouragement throughout the photo session. She is happiest when clients leave with a rediscovered confidence, feeling the magick of the moments that just occurred, and knowing that they are worthy of adoration.

Chris is more into the videography side of things, but mostly he does the important background work; rigging, lighting, helping design sets, retouching, and making sure the day runs smoothly for all. Occasionally he will pop in to see if anyone needs anything and that all is going well. Very technically adept, he thoroughly enjoys experimenting with new sets and lighting techniques. Ever the doting husband, he loves nothing more than to see Amanda smiling and giddy after an especially productive session.

Together, they make a powerhouse team. They are always experimenting, reading, researching, and learning more about the art of photography and videography. You will surely feel the love and commitment they have, not only to the craft, but also to giving you the best experience you could possibly hope for.

A Note from Us to You:

Together we have quite the busy unconventional life filled with love, pets, partners, and two adorable little ones, so we understand how hard life can be. It's not easy investing in yourself, but doing so is necessary every so often, not only for you but also for the ones that love you. We want to help you find the passion in yourself that you didn't realize was there or that you may have forgotten after all of life’s stresses have taken their toll. Each photo session is tailored to embody your wonderful personality but also focus on your own one-of-a-kind physical beauty as well. We want you to love your whole experience from start to finish and walk away feeling beautiful, powerful, and unique.